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chimachanga's Journal

24th April, 2005. 9:56 am. I am so mad that I missed Ben's naked Cop party

But at least I won't be missing "Riding The Bus With My Sister" on CBS Sunday.

God, I hate Rosie. And can anybody tell me if she is playing a retard in this movie or if this just a new retro look for lesbos?

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10th April, 2005. 8:23 pm. My day trip to Harlem

Today I went to harlem with tuesdayknight and jellogrl. We attended the way the hell off broadway production of Caligula. To best sum up this theatrical masterpiece I would describe it as combination of Rocky Horror Picture Show meets a Black Gospel meets homosexual bestiality porn. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that audience participation is required--even if you are over 86 years old and have a heart condition (sorry that this was not captured by photo for better explanation).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


More of our day trip.Collapse )

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9th February, 2005. 7:55 am.

Happy Ash Wednesday! Don't forget to leave your house without smearing some poo on your face.

P.S. Don't call me insensitive, I used to date a catholic for 2 and half weeks in college and am therefore not a bigot.

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24th November, 2004. 7:45 pm. Reasons why leaving work early tonight was good.

1. Leaving work early is always nice.

2. I walked past a store playing that "Dear Sir, I need a quarter so I can buy my poor old momma some shoes 'fore she dies of cancer and ends up meeting Jesus barefooted 'cause I couldn't afford no shoes" song. Which ordinarily is a bad thing, but I haven't heard it since last christmas and it reminded me of a time when jimmymontrose was doing a parody of it.

3. I get on the train and a damn good Tracy Morgan impersonator sat down next to me at the Penn Station stop for the rest of my ride home...in fact I'll go ahead and start telling people this story from now on like this: "oh, have you heard my Tracy Morgan story?.."...which is sure to be a crowd pleaser come Christmas.

4. I am sitting next to the Tracy Morgan look alike and at the 42nd St. stop and 5 colored girls in full matching team spirit outfits got on the train and started stomping, snapping and singing the "I always feel like somebody's watchin' me" song....again another song I don't care too much for, but it was just too surreal and I know that if JELLO GRL were still alive (r.i.p.) she would have been truly inspired.

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12th September, 2004. 11:52 am. Y'all ready for this Woody?

I know my LJ friends' lists are full of all those OC suckers, but tomorrow night Seas numero tres of Everwood is starting up. Fellow Frog fan tuesdayknight has caught me up on some of the surprises due in this season.
Long story short--nobody needs to be callin' me between the hours of 9 and 10 pm tomorrow.

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24th July, 2004. 10:51 am.


I just discovered this public access Satanic Biker Cook Show. Why hasn't anybody told me about this sooner?

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28th June, 2004. 7:54 am. Why can't I have cute neighbors?

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12th June, 2004. 12:19 am. Best thing about The Stepford Wives...

Grams has 5 seconds of screen time. I only hope they paid her enough so that she can fund a pilot for a Creek spin off with herself as the new lead.

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13th May, 2004. 11:59 am.

Sorry that I haven't posted much lately...but does anybody want to loan me $6000 so I can bid on this plastic watch?


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23rd March, 2004. 11:25 pm. Is it gas face or do my balls just hurt like a mother fucker?

If I were a paid user I'ld make a poll with that question and this photo. All I know about this guy is that he hangs out near where I work, drinks espresso all day, and hasseles all the men that walk past him while giving "cat calls" to all the gals. God, I can't wait to be retired and become him.

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